Slovakia: RTVS confirms the reason for the country’s absence from Eurovision!

Slovakia’s National Broadcaster, RTVS, has confirmed the reason behind the country’s repeated absence from Eurovision Song Contest.

RTVS is the responsible broadcaster for the country’s participation in the contest, based on the latest information, the channel has confirmed the main reason for its absence from the contest, which is financial.

The head of the public relations department of RTVS, Filip Púchovský, reported that:

Eurovision is a singing competition of public broadcasters. In the past, RTVS was the official broadcaster of the event and at the same time the organizer of the national competition round. RTVS carefully approaches the creation of the broadcasting structure of its television and radio circuits and in the past period decided not to include this international competition in its broadcasting based on the evaluation of several input factors, primarily the funds spent and viewership… The participation of Slovak artists is also associated with high financial costs, for which RTVS does not have the resources.”

Slovak musician and radio producer Juraj Čurný commented that:

“As television is underfunded, if RTVS were to return to Eurovision the participant would likely need to fund themselves as opposed to relying on the broadcaster… If Slovakia ever return to Eurovision, it would provide an “interesting opportunity to promote Slovakia within the European context”.

The above happened to the last representative of the country in 2012, when Max Jason Mai represented the country in the competition, in Baku, with Don’t Close Your Eyes”. You can watch the participation down bellow:

Slovakia has participated in the competition in total seven times, with the first time participated being in 1993. However, the country has not yet confirmed whether or not it will participate in the contest in 2024.

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