Sweden: Internal issues might keep Petra Mede away from hosting Eurovision 2024!

Loreen’s win in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest marks the beginning of the host city bidding phase for Eurovision 2024 as well as finding the presenters of next year’s contest.

Fans’ preference regarding the hosts of next year’s Eurovision seems to be Petra Mede, that has also hosted the 2013 and 2016 editions, the latter together with Måns Zelmerlöw. In fact, this duo has been voted the most popular Eurovision hosts of the 2010s.

Although, internal issues might keep Petra Mede away from hosting Eurovision 2024. The reason is that Mede is no longer employed by SVT, but by SVT’s main competitor, TV4.

A journalist for Aftonbladet mentioned that:

Internal politics within SVT would make it a little bit tough to have somebody working for the main competitor come over for just a one time gig. 

If they can get her and Måns (Zelmerlöw) doing it together again, that might make it a little bit easier for SVT to swallow.

That might sway the internal politics. Understanding that if they do this, this is what the fans really, really wish and hope for.

Mede herself had not ruled out a Eurovision return back in 2021.

On the other hand, there seem to be some health problems with Petra Mede.

The same Aftonbladet journalist, Tobbe Ek, has mentioned:

She has so much trouble with her back. This year she has had to pull out of hosting the Swedish version of Strictly Come Dancing because of her back problems. I think taking on Eurovision again might not be feasible for her.

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