Sweden: Loreen received a heroic welcome upon her return from Liverpool!

The Swedish star of Eurovision, Loreen, received a heroic welcome upon her return from Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

SVT, organised an open concert for Loreen’s return, in Kungstradgarden. The concert was broadcasted in SVT2 and SVT Play. Loreen thanked the crowd for their love and support and offered them a special performance of her winning song“Tattoo”. In the meantime the crowd shouted “Queen, Queen”.

After winning twice, Loreen broke a number of records:

  • She is the only woman to win the competition twice
  • She now equals Ireland’s Johnny Logan who has won the competition twice
  • She has given Sweden its 7th Eurovision victory thus equaling Ireland which has seven victories

The City Councilor of Stockholm, Karin Wanngard, was also present at the concert which was hosted by Per Sinding-Larsen.

Loreen then took the time to speak to her fans:

“With everything that the number stands for, humanity, hope, love. That’s what we Sweden stand for. I am so happy about it and proud of us.”

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