Sweden: Loreen’s interview, just before the Grand Final!

A few days ago we had the honor of meeting one and only Loreen from Sweden, for the third time! Of course we would like to thank Sweden’s public broadcaster, SVT, for giving us so many opportunities to speak with Loreen during the busy contest period.

The kind former Swedish winner, who is hoping to equal Johnny Logan’s record this year, spoke to us about the first semi-final and her goals ahead of the Grand Final:

We asked her whether she is happy with her performance in the first semi-final and if she intends to make any changes:

“What satisfies me is to connect with the audience and feel our energy and connection. If I don’t connect, I’m not satisfied.”

She then answered our question about whether her decision to return after “Euphoria” was easy:

“It was very spiritual. There were certain things that happened in my life during that time. I am a person who goes where there is positive energy. And I had a very positive feeling about the song.”

In the end, we asked her if her experience this year is as intense, as it was back n 2012:

“No, it’s intense but in a different way. It’s intense but there is also all the loving energy.”

The interview was also shown on Natalia Germanou’s show on Alpha TV, “Kalytera Den Ginetai!”. You can watch our full interview with Loreen in the video below:

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