Sweden: Malmö is ready to submit its bid to host Eurovision 2024!

After Loreen’s win in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Saturday, the contest is now going to Northern Europe, in Sweden. Sweden’s win is only the beginning, of the first phase of the contest, finding out which Swedish city is going to host.

According to Malmö’s Recreation Director, speaking to Sydsvenskan, the city of Malmö is ready to submit its bid in order to host Eurovision 2024.

Malmö Arena, which hosted the contest back in 2013, is the secomd biggest venue in the country after Tele2 and Friends Arena in Stockholm. However, Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Malmö’s president of the Municipal Council, stated that before submitting their bid, they have to consider the financial consequences of hosting an event of that magnitude.

We can say that Malmö is an expert in hosting the contest, having done so twice, back in 1992 and 2013, after Loreen’s first win.

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