United Kingdom: Numerous Eurovision 2023 Songs Dominate the UK Charts!

Now that this year’s Eurovision is over,the Eurovision contestant are able to reap the benefits of their participation in the world’s biggest song contest.The Eurovision Songs that are taking over the European charts are growing at an impressive rate,with an array of them entering the Official UK Charts,which is quite a notable milestone.

In particular,four of this year’s Eurovision Songs have entered the top 10 of this week’s UK chart: “Tattoo” at #2,“Cha Cha Cha” at #6,“I Wrote A Song” at #9 and “Queen of Kings” at #10.Loreen’s entry “Tattoo” is now the second-highest non-domestic Eurovision entry to enter the chart (after Johny Logan’s “Hold me Now”,which charted atop the Official 100),making this her highest charting entry after “Euphoria” charting at #3.

Finland’s Käärijä achieved another important breakthrough with his entry “Cha Cha Cha” being the first Finnish song ever to enter the charts.

The country’s representative Mae Muller charted at #9,achieving her highest entry in the chart ever,with the top 10 being completed by Norway’s Alessandra and her song “Queen of Kings”

You can check all the songs that entered this week’s chart here:

  • #2 Loreen (Sweden)
  • #6 Kaarija (Finland)
  • #9 Mae Muller (United Kingdom)
  • #10 Alessandra Mele (Norway)
  • #45 Noa Kirel (Israel)
  • #48 Salena & Teya (Austria)
  • #56 Blanka (Poland)
  • #63 Gustaph (Belgium)
  • #79 Voyager (Australia)
  • #92 Alex Lambrou (Cyprus)
  • #94 La Zarra (France)
  • #95 Tvorchi (Ukraine)

This year’s Eurovision featured 37 participants with the winner country being Sweden,represented by Loreen and her song “Tattoo”,which won her 583 points.This marks the seventh win for the Scandinavian Nation,tying on the top with Ireland.



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