Victor Vernicos: “You will see a few new things from me, on my Second Semi-Final performance!” | Exclusive Interview

Victor Vernicos, the Greek representative of Eurovision 2023 spoke exclusively at Eurovisionfun and Apostolis Matamis, all the way from LiverpoolUK in the heart of this year’s contest!

The interview took place at Eurovillage, right after his performance on stage and he was really enthusiastic about this:

I absolutely loved it! I am ready for my semi final, everyday I’m loving the positive vibes of this city, the people are wonderful!

We asked him if he feels more comfortable performing and playing with his guitar at the same time.

The guitar is part of my body by now, but I am okay to perform without it!

It is a unique experience for someone to be able to represent ones country, especially if you’re a 16-year-old boy as Victor is. But what was the highlight of his experience?

Last night at Euroclub the energy was amazing while I was performing, now my cousins from Denmark also arrived in Liverpool to watch me on my semi final and that made me very happy!

On his socials, he had joked about him bringing the sun wherever he goes. On the day of the interview he was being dead serious about this:

“It’s a fact that one time that we went to Denmark with my mother it was the best summer in 40 years, and then best winter in 25 years! My mother, my family, me and the Greek delegation, we all bring the sun!”

On the negative comments about his participation, he mentioned that he pays no attention to anything like that and he added:

“I mostly give out to my fans, I upload stuff on my socials, but I don’t take in any negative energy or bad comments on me or my performance. I have found my inner balance!”

When we mentioned that the press appreciates his song a lot, he was really grateful for that and he also responded on the comments of British press that his accent is very British:

“I used to go to a British school, then American, I also have the Danish genes from my dad. That’s why I think that my accent is a mix of American, British and Danish!”

Is Victor ready to perform Thursday night on the second semi-final show? He comments:

“I’m ready, I just need to rest a bit, because I sing a lot and I go to the parties that all delegations attend.”

When we asked him if his team and himself intend to make any changes on the staging or his performance he said:

“You will see a few new things from me, it’s gonna be a surprise for you all!”

Finally, Victor has a message for all the readers of Eurovisionfun:

“I love you! We are ready! We need your support! All I need is your positive energy, if I got this, then it will reflect in the results!”

Finally you can watch his Eurovillage performance of his entry “What they say” below:


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