France: The reason behind La Zarra’s cancellation from Greenland Festival!

A few hours ago it became known that France’s entrant of this year’s Eurovision, La Zarra,got kicked out of Greenland Annual Festival, taking place in France on June 23rd, due to her infamous gesture shown during the live broadcast of this year’s Grand Final. La Zarra was caught red-handed doing an inappropriate gesture after having received 50 points from the public vote.

La Zarra herself had made an official statement on Instagram right after the Grand Final, claiming that the gesture was nothing more than a sign of disappointment, an “it is what it is” moment.

It is stated on Greenland Festival’s Official Facebook page that the elimination of La Zarra from this year’s festival is attributed to reasons “beyond any control” and that they apologize for “any inconvenience caused”, thanking the audience for their understanding.

Nonetheless,the French website actuPeringan explicitly states that the reason behind La Zarra’s cancellation from the festival is ascribed to her so-called “disappointment” gesture that sparked enormous controversy among the Eurovision audience.

La Zarra represented France with her song “Evidemment”, reaching the 16th place in the Grand Final of this year’s edition in Liverpool.

Source: ActuPeringon

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