Eurovision 2024: Örsnköldsvik is confirmed to join the race, hoping to host Eurovision 2024!

The submissions deadline for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest host city ended last night at 23:59. Today it got public that Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö have officially submitted their bids to host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

As we had previously reported, Örnsköldsvik had expressed interest in hosting the contest, following a successful contest in Liverpool, UK, this year. SVT now confirms that the municipality of Örnsköldsvik, or Övik as the Swedish people call it (too hard to pronounce), has applied to host Eurovision 2024.

The municipality also pointed out that in this year’s Melodifestivalen, 11 out of 28 entries had music makers with connection to Örnsköldsvik. The municipality makes it clear that they want to create a sustainable and climate-neutral Eurovision Song Contest.

How probable is it for Örnsköldsvik to host the contest?

Örnsköldsvik has never hosted the Eurovision Song Contest before. Övik is a small city up north in Sweden, in Västernorrland with a little less than 33.000 inhabitants.

Örnsköldsvik had hosted this year’s Melodifestivalen Semifinalen at Hägglunds Arena, where the arena looked a bit tiny compared to other shows of the tour. The municipality in order to tackle any accommodation issues and to be able to welcome all the event visitors, said that cruise ships in the harbor will be used as additional accommodation.

This came as a response to several reports back in the beginning of March, of rip-off prices to a rather limited and not decent enough selection of hotel rooms when the Semi-Final show of Melodifestivalen took place there, making us think that the chances of Örnsköldsvik hosting the contest are a bit tad.

Cities confirmed to have submitted their bid to host next year

Possible city announcement date

In the two latest Swedish-hosted contests, back in 2013 with the announcement of Malmö and 2015 with the announcement of Stockholm, both took place on July 8. If SVT follows the same pattern, that means that within a month we will know which city will host next year’s contest, possibly on Friday 7th of July, 2023.

Sweden will host the 68th Eurovision Song Contest after Loreen’s iconic second win with the song Tattoo:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Sweden!

Source: SVT

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