Sweden: Plans to build a temporary arena for Eurovision 2024?

Four cities are competing to host Eurovision 2024, including the capital city of Stockholm, which is the favorite to host the next competition. While the selection process is underway and the candidate cities Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, and Örnsköldsvik have received documents outlining the necessary requirements, an article in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter is stirring things up regarding the venue of next year’s competition.

As mentioned, Stockholm is the frontrunner to organize the competition as it has all the necessary infrastructure. However, the main issue revolves around the stadium where Eurovision 2024 will take place. While  Friends Arena was the preferred choice, it appears that Taylor Swift’s concert on May 17th in Stockholm, a date within a possible week of the Eurovision according to a leaked confidential document from SVT, and moreover, at a stadium included in the city’s proposal, is changing the plans of the organizers.

According to the latest publication in Dagens Nyheter, there are plans to construct an arena specifically for hosting Eurovision 2024. Due to the increased requirements of the event, this proposal aims to solve the problem of finding a suitable venue for a significant period of time, at least six weeks, which has been one of the main problems for the organizers every year.

The proposal includes the construction of a temporary arena with a capacity ranging from 11,180 to 14,700 spectators in the Frihamnen area of Stockholm. The article adds that the venue will remain operational for a certain period of time after the competition. The proposal is supported by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the Property Owners’ Association, as well as the tourism organization “Visit Stockholm.”

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Source: Dagens Nyheter

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