Estonia: ERR to update Eesti Laul for 2024!

ERR is starting their Eurovision preparations for 2024.  As it is a tradition in the baltic country, Eesti Laul will again be their national final to pick their representative.

However, we can already expect to see some changes in the show.  According to chief of ERR entertainment programs Ms. Karmel Killandi Eesti Laul will get an update that will include the format of the national final and the Estonian team behind the show.

Every big project needs to be re-evaluated and updated after a while. Eesti Laul is even more so, because on the one hand it is the biggest and most important music show in Estonia and on the other hand it is the national selection for Eurovision.

For instance, it is now confirmed that chief producer for Eesti Laul, Tomi Rahula is leaving his position.  Mr. Rauhula was the producer of Eesti Laul for five years.  During the last five years the semi-finals for Eesti Laul have been held in Tartu and Viimsi.

According to ERR, one of the biggest accomplishments of former chief producer Tomi Rauhula was to bring the Eurovision national final to the city of Tartu and to include a neutral jury for the selection and to establish links between Estonian and foreign musicians.

We will have to wait for more details about the changes in the format of Eesti Laul 2024 which are currently going underway:

“Our biggest wish is to offer the best platform for Estonian musicians and experiences for viewers. We will open detailed plans in a few months, but I hope that artists and songwriters have already started writing new songs for the competition.”

Source: ERR

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