Eurovision 2023: Stand-in rehearsal clips are leaked!

It has already been two months since the 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. 37 performers stepped on the stage of the M&S Bank Arena giving it all and representing their countries in the biggest song competition in the world, after months of intense preparations.

The impressive stage performances that they pulled off were first tried on the Eurovision stage a few days before their arrival through simulations, known as stand in rehearsals. Stand in rehearsals are usually executed by local artists and performers so all participants can know in advance the television result of the performances. On a later stage, they have the opportunity to ask for changes during the technical rehearsals executed by the representatives themselves.

Each year we have the chance to take a look in these performances and compare this preparatory work to what we actually saw on the TV show. For example, last year we had the chance to see how some performances would look like if there weren’t the technical problems regarding the “sun” not being able to turn around.

This year, 7 videos of stand in rehearsals have leaked so far and they are the following:

  • Switzerland

  • Israel

  • Serbia

  • Portugal

  • Italy

  • Finland

  • Cyprus

There were obviously some changes made to performances. The dance break on the Israeli performance obviously changed and Portugal finally decided not to use the led screens.

What do you think of these stand in rehearsals? Stay tuned on EurovisionFun for all news regarding Eurovision Song Contest!

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