Italy: Amadeus announces changes to Sanremo 2024 rules and structure!

Some announcements were made by Amadeus earlier today on Tg1 regarding the new structure and rules of the next Festival di Sanremo.

  • The first change has to do with the way the artists will be divided between the first three nights of the festival. Specifically, on the first night all the participating artists will step on stage for the first performance of their songs, while half of them will appear for their second performance on the second night and the other half on the third night. Therefore, we will have the opportunity to hear all 26 participating entries as early as the very first night.
  • The second change is about the new role of participating artists as co-hosts as well! On the second and third night, during which the artists will be separated as explained above, the half of the artists who will not perform their songs will undertake the role of presenting the other half artists alongside Amadeus. The pairing of the artists-performers and the artists-“presenters” will be decided by public draw during the press conferences of each previous day.
  • The third change concerns covers night. While in previous years artists could choose to cover a song published up to a certain decade, their choice has now been widened to include songs, from the Italian and international repertoire, published up to 2023.
  • The fourth change sees the replacement of the ever-present demoscopic jury by a new radio jury in the voting procedures, which will include national and local radio stations selected with the criterion of adequately representing the entire Italian territory. The factors that will determine the results, along with the radio jury (second, third, fourth night & superfinal) are completed by the well-known jury of journalists (first, fourth night & superfinal) and the also known televoting (second, third, fourth night & both phases of the voting in the final)

As for the number of participating artists, Amadeus announced that they will be 26, 23 of whom will be selected by him and the remaining three of whom will come from Sanremo Giovani, taking place on the 20th of December.

Sanremo 2024 will take place from 6 to 10 February.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all news regarding Sanremo 2024 and the italian participation in Eurovision 2024!

Source: La Reppublica

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