Käärijä selects winner for tribute mural competition!

Finnish Eurovision 2023 representative Käärijä has selected the artwork for a mural celebrating his music achievement in Liverpool.  The mural will get finished by the end of September in the city of Vantaa, Käärijä’s hometown.

The city of Vantaa commissioned a mural to honor Käärijä (real name Jere Pöyhönen) to honour the singer’s performance in Eurovision.  Käärijä won the televote and finished in second place at the Eurovision 2023, Finland’s second best result in the pan-European music festival.

Mural selection

Vantaa received several proposals for a mural which were later filtered to four candidates.  A public poll took place receiving more than 23,500.  Following this vote the best two proposals made it to the last stage of the process. Käärijä decided the winner from these two last proposals.  Artists Viivi Vierinen, Juha Lahtinen and Joonas Koponen designed the winning mural.

The painting of the mural will starton August 18, 2023.  The whole project costed around 20000 euros.

Source: Yle

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