Spain: PrePartyEs 2024 dates announced!

Just a while ago, the organizers of the pre-party, announced that the PrePartyEs is going to take place once again in 2024, and it is scheduled for the last weekend of March.

The PrePartyEs of Madrid, is set to take place again, but this time, for three nights! The party that is taking place for the last nine years, will have the following nights:

  • March 28 – EuroClubES Dress Party
  • March 29 – PrePartyES Opening Night
  • March 30 – PrePartyES

27 out of the 37 artists taking part in Eurovision 2023, performed in the previous pre-party. Also many more artists performed as guests, like Konstrakta (Serbia 2022), Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2011, 2016) and Ivi Adamou (Cyprus 2012).

Tickets will be available for sale in September 1st at 12:00 CET, and can be bought here.

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