United Kingdom: Internal selection is the most likely scenario for Eurovision 2024!

United Kingdom, the host country of Eurovision 2023 recently announced that will not longer collaborate with TaP in order to select its Eurovision acts. BBC first collaborated with Tap Records in 2022, managing to achieve a 2nd place with Sam Ryder. This marked UK’s best result since 1998, which consequently brought Eurovision in British grounds. Sam Ryder’s success, renewed their collaboration for 2023 and the nation was represented by Mae Muller, who did not only repeat 2022 success, but instead finished second-last

Since the announcement of the departure of TaP from the British Eurovision selection, a reasonable question was raised regarding the method under which BBC will choose its next Eurovision act. The answer is given by the Head of BBC Entertainment who commented that:

It has been really good working with Tap, actually, and using their expertise. We have had two amazing finalists and the British public have gotten behind them. Sam Ryder is a proper superstar now. This years entry has been in the top ten and done really well.

People have talked to me ‘should we do a big show on the BBC, how do we select our next act?’ It is a big thing singing live in those giant arenas, and you do need a really experienced performer who has done arena shows before to do that. I think we will continue going to specialists in the industry to help us pick our act going forward.

Bearing in mind the above, we can assume that BBC will continue to choose its next Eurovision act internally for the 5th time in a row. A national selection is probably not in the plans of BBC as its number-one priority on selecting an artist is experience and expertise.

Mae Muller although being a fan favorite did not come to bookies expectations and finished second-last. She was highly criticized inside the UK for her weak performance and vocals and probably her low placement raised doubts on which should the British contestants’ standards be.


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