Dimitris Kontopoulos sets a record at Eurovision!

With the announcement that Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos, the successful Greek composer is making history in the Eurovision Song Contest. Cyprus is the eighth country to be represented by his composition. No other composer has this record of having participated in the contest with so many different countries!

The musical journey of Dimitris Kontopoulos

Dimitris Kontopoulos’ journey to the world of Eurovision began in 2007, when he represented Belarus with Work Your Magic, coming in sixth place, the best ever in its history. In 2008 he reached the second place with Ukraine and the now classic Shady Lady. 2009 was the year of Greece and Sakis Rouvas. Another second place followed in 2013 with Azerbaijan and Hold Me.

In 2014 he represented Russia for the first time, which will be repeated in 2016 with You’re The Only One, which although a big favourite ends up in third place, but wins the televote. In 2017 he represented Greece for the second time, while in 2018 he signed up for two countries in the same contest for the first time. These were Azerbaijan and Moldova.

In 2019 he got another third place for Russia. In 2021 it was the third Greek representation, at the same time with Moldova, but also for the first time with Estonia. It is worth noting that 2021 was also the producer of the Albanian participation.

The pursuers of his record

Other producers with multiple countries under their belt are Thomas G: Son and Borislav Milanov. Thomas G: Son has signed seven countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Cyprus, Cyprus, Georgia and Malta), and Borislav Milanov has signed six (Bulgaria, Austria, North Macedonia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Malta).

You can see some of Dimitris Kontopoulos’ best moments in the video below:

We would like to congratulate the distinguished composer, who proves that there are Greeks who are making a significant progress abroad and wish him good luck in Eurovision 2024!

Will Dimitris Kontopoulos increase his record or will another creator be able to surpass him?

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