Eleni Foureira: Present at tonight’s Noa Kirel concert!

A burning desire of Eurovision fans is set to come true tonight. Confirming the intense rumors of the last few days, Eleni Foureira and Noa Kirel will meet tonight for the first time on stage and on the occasion of the latter’s big concert in Tel Aviv.

A photo, which is circulating the social media today, depicts Eleni Foureira on stage at Yarakon Park:

Eleni Foureira-Noa Kirel

The connection between the two Eurovision artists is obvious. Eleni Foureira represented Cyprus in 2018, taking the 2nd place, while Noa Kirel represented Israel this year, finishing 3rd. These two women caused pandemonium with their sleek performances on the Eurovision stage, setting the bar even higher for all dance entries.

However, there has been a connection between Eleni and Noa for years. In 2017, Noa Kirel released her big hit “Tikitas“, which is the Hebrew cover of the song “Ti Koitas” by Eleni Foureira. Behind the two versions, as well as other songs of both artists, is the composer Doron Medalie.

Noa Kirel’s big concert will take place in Yarakon Park in Tel Aviv, which is expected to be packed in the evening with the presence of 65 thousand spectators. The tickets, in fact, were sold out in less than five hours from the time of their release. At the same time, Noa will give a second concert on 9/23, in which we do not expect Eleni Foureira, in view of an already planned concert of hers.

Are you also looking forward to this collaboration? Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

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