Germany: The first artists who have expressed interest in representing the nation in Malmö!

Will “The German Finale 2024” the national final for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, in Malmö feature a significant reunion of the “Our Song for Liverpool” contestants from the previous year? The chance is real, as five (out of 14) participants who ran for German representation last year intend to run again in 2024. The first new names are already being circulated.

Melissa Mantzoukis

Melissa was not able to represent Greece this year in Eurovision, but she hopes to achieve it in 2024 with Germany. This time and according to our exclusive information, she has registered for “Das Deutsche Finale 2024“,  the national final which will be held by the country’s public television to select the artist and song that will represent the nation in Malmö. More exclusive Eurovisionfun information can be read here .


Betül intended to represent Germany in Liverpool with her song “Heaven”, she made it all the way to the TikTok vote and ended up in the 4th place. The singer and her team have already expressed interest in applying again. Except “Heaven”, Betül has so far created a stir in Germany, mostly because of her Turkish sound. Since Turkey is no longer participating in Eurovision, a Turkish sound or the choice of singing in Turkish will cause a sensation and might upset people.

From Fall To Spring

The group was defeated last year in the TikTok vote by Ikke Hipgold. This year, however, with “Draw the Line” they gained a lot of new fans in the Eurovision community. They even claimed in February that they were still interested in competing in Eurovision. The band has confirmed it once again and has already released the song with which they want to take part in “The German Finale 2024” next year. FFTS is likely to be among the favorites if selected for the national selection.


Ikke Hüftgold

ULFL runner-up Ikke Hipgold has already expressed his interest in re-entering the national selection, announcing last month that he would prefer to go to Eurovision representing Germany. His song is considered to be ready. He is currently storming the German charts with Vanessa Mai and their song “Igel”.

Mitchy and André Katawazi

Mitchy and André Katawazi have confirmed that they want to take part in the German National Selection again next year and are already working on new music.

Will Church

It has been known for some time that the runner-up and jury winner in “Our Song for Liverpool” Will Church , also wants to try again. He shared it on his YouTube account in May. Therefore, we can assume that he will apply for “The German Finale 2024”.

Basti Schmidt

“FameMaker” winner and “The Voice of Germany” finalist Basti’s interest for Eurovision is yet to be confirmed. There seems to be some interest for the upcoming contest, as he attended a songwriting camp in Norway along with JOWST, EMMY and the Norwegian head of delegation Stig Karlsen. Basti also recently released a new single, “Forevermore”.

These are the first names, which are most likely to set an official participation for the representation of Germany. We now have to wait for the official announcements so we can see who will be the successor of Lord of the Lost!

Stay tuned on EurovisionFun for all news!

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