Germany: Will Melissa Mantzoukis participate at “Das Deutsche Finale 2024”?

Melissa Mantzoukis did not get to compete in this year’s Eurovision, but she hopes to do so in 2024 through Germany. According to our exclusive information, she has already registered for ‘Das Deutsche Finale 2024’, the national final that will be held by the country’s public television to select the performer and song that will represent the country in Malmö.

The performer, who finished third in the German Idol competition in 2022, came close to representing Greece this year. She won by a wide margin in the voting of the 70-member audience committee, but the 7 members of the ERT panel had a different take, and by ranking her last, they denied her entry into the competition. As a result, the nation was ultimately represented by Victor Vernicos, who failed to advance past the semifinals after scoring just 14 points, 12 of which came from Cyprus. The ERT’s choice issue is currently before the courts because Melissa Mantzoukis’ side considered that the rules of the procedure were broken and that she should ordinarily have won. In the coming year, a decision is anticipated.

Melissa Mantzoukis made the decision to try her luck in Germany by competing in the national final, which will be held on February 16, in order to put all that behind and follow her dream of competing in the Eurovision contest. Our information indicates that the entry she submitted has nothing to do with her participation in this year’s ERT internal selection procedure.

We, for our part, wish Melissa good luck and hope to see her waving the German flag in Malmö!

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