Spain: Chanel will join Noa Kirel tomorrow at Tel Aviv!

The sold-out performance by Noa Kirel last night in Tel Aviv’s Yarakon Park was attended by an estimated 65,000 people. Noa demonstrated her incredible talent as a singer and performer not only to Israel but also to Europe. Eleni Foureira, a much-anticipated guest performer, sang her Eurovision-hit song “Fuego” with Noa during the concert, thrilling the audience.

Due to the concert’s overwhelming success and the fact that all of the tickets were sold out right away, Noa’s team decided to hold a second concert on September 23.

The concert is anticipated to be just as thrilling as yesterday’s event and will provide the audience with another pleasant surprise. Reliable sources claim that Noa’s team invited Chanel to perform with her tomorrow. Chanel was the Spanish representative in Eurovision 2022 and appears to have accepted the invitation to perform live tomorrow in Tel Aviv.

Chanel, as well as Eleni Foureira and Noa Kirel, caused pandemonium with her performance skills along with her latin rhythm and temperament in 2022, bringing Spain back to the top three for the first time since 1995.

Through the occasion of her concerts, Noa Kirel had the opportunity to share the stage with Eurovision performers that set the bar high, a bar that she overcame, and performers with whom she was also inevitably compared.

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