Sweden: Malmö’s Eurovision 2024 budget is set at 30 million SEK!

With less than 8 months to go until Eurovision 2024, the planning has gradually began in Malmö, the host city.

According to Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, the Head of the Malmö Municipality Board, the city of Malmö intends to invest 30 million SEK (or roughly 2,5 million euros) to host the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Malmö Municipality’s investment for Eurovision 2024 has increased by 5 million SEK compared to 2013, when the budget for the contest was 25 million SEK (about 2,1 million euros). However, the tourism industry brought in an amazing 185 million SEK (about 15,5 million euros) in 2013.

However, it will be a less expensive organization than the one in 2016, which was held in Stockholm. In Stockholm, 100 million SEK were invested in the event’s organization, with half of that heading toward renovations and arena-related costs.

Obviously, 30 million SEK will not be the only source of funding for Eurovision 2024. The contribution of the SVT has yet to be declared.

Malmö may be a less expensive option for Sweden when compared to Stockholm. Sweden’s 2024 goal may be the same as in 2013, “less is more.” This rationale will help cut delegation costs by creating good presentations on a lower budget, which is a great motivation for smaller countries, especially during a worldwide energy crisis.

Loreen brought Eurovision 2024 back to Sweden and once again back to Malmö after her second win in Liverpool, the past May with her song “Tattoo”.

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Source: epochtimes
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