Loreen: Music video clip of Loreen’s brand new single “Is it Love” is out now! | Watch it here!

A few days after Loreen made her first step, post-Eurovision, by releasing her first single called “Is it Lovefrom her upcoming album, the music video of the song just got released on YouTube!

Loreen says about “Is it Love“:

“Is It Love” was born from a place of seeking clarity, it’s a song describing and contemplating a love that’s so deep but at the same time filled with confusion. It’s about realising that to create a deeper understanding of yourself you need to accept the duality of life, that distortion and clarity goes hand in hand and are equally as important. And to experience the depth of true love, both to the self as well as to others, you have to accept and experience the depth of pain.”

As a leading female diaspora artist, Loreen’s Moroccan Berber roots are embedded in her new cinematic pop sound now more than ever and flits between cultures. All this essence is obvious in the music video as well!

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