Serbia: Breskvica has applied for Pesma Za Evroviziju 2024!

Breskevica was on a Serbian TV show where, among other things, she said that this year she managed to submit her entry to Pesma Za Evroviziju (PZE), which has been a big wish of her fans for the last few years.

More specifically, the young singer said:

“We have prepared a song! We wrote it together with Generacija Zed”

“I didn’t want to participate in the national final with just any song. I believe that a song that competes to go to Eurovision should reflect the country it represents. Both in terms of lyrics and music as well as meaning and stage presence. We thought a lot about that and that’s how we came to write the one we submitted”

“I really believe in this song and I’m sure people will love it as well!”

Who is Breskvica?

Andjela Ignjatović, professionally known as Breskvica, started releasing her own music in 2019. She, then, rose to popularity by collaborating with her then-boyfriend Voyage on a series of singles between 2019 and 2021.

After their breakup she pursued a solo career and to date she remains one of the hottest names amongst the younger generations.

Her songs nowadays are mostly pop mixed with Balkan and eastern elements but lately her two folk-Balkan ballads featuring Henny called “Sava i Dunav” and “Ko to tamo” have gained a lot of acceptance from the Balkan public.

Here you can check one of her latest singles, “Loš”:

Do you think that Breskevica would be a good choice for Serbia? What other names would you like to see take part in PZE? Let us know in the comments below!

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