The Eurovision participation fee is going up for another year!

In an interview with Eirevision, Michael Kealy, the head of the Irish delegation for the Eurovision Song Contest, disclosed that the participation fee will rise for another year.

To be eligible to compete in the competition, the national broadcasters must pay a fee annually. This amount varies between countries primarily as a result of differences in population but also due to economic factors. According to the announcement made during the September meeting of the participating countries’ heads of delegation in Berlin, this cost is expected to increase once more this year.

The EBU cites the competition’s “not economically viable” condition as the cause of this increase. The aforementioned matter emerged subsequent to Belarus and Russia’s disqualifications from the EBU. Russia was one of the countries that contributed the most financially to the contest due to its big population and robust economy. Therefore, the other participating countries should now pay this amount.

This expense accounts for one-third of the funding that Ireland’s public television broadcaster has available for the competition, as the leader of the Irish delegation stated. This sum climbed to €105,099 in 2023 from €92,588 in 2022. This amount was €180,000 for Romania in 2023 and €347,697 for Spain in the same year.

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Source: Eirevision Podcast

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