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Victor Vernicos: I didn’t get the support I needed from my surrounding team during Eurovision!

Victor Vernicos revealed, for the first time, in an interview with SKAI TV that he did not receive the anticipated and essential support from the team he worked with during his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

When asked about the factors that contributed to the poor outcome of the Greek participation in May, he placed the blame on the team that was behind him. This group consists of the Panik Records record label, the ERT executives, and the artistic team at large. In more detail, he said:

On the one hand, I was responsible if something went wrong, which it certainly did given that we didn’t get the desired outcome, but on the other hand Ι wasn’t! I exerted all of my effort. I may not have had the biggest help from the team around me!

The individuals in charge of the Greek 2023 Eurovision participation project were unfit for their roles. Victor as an artist was not a suitable choice in the first place, especially considering his inexperience. But, for instance, it was Victor’s team selected the infamous second rehearsal clip that went viral for all the wrong reasons in Greece, not him. For those who may not know, every delegation provides the EBU with the precise number of seconds of their performance that they would like to be featured in both the television broadcast medley and on the contest’s official social media accounts.

Victor could be held accountable for many things, but his team could be held accountable for far more. The way that Marina Satti was selected this year is evidence that we, as Eurovisionfun, through our articles and YouTube livestreams, have been heard, and we are pleased with it.

Victor Vernicos, with his song “What they Say”, represented Greece in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest and finished 13th in the Second Semi Final, receiving only 12 points from Cyprus and 2 points from Armenia.

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Source: SKAI TV 

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