Austria: Salena wants to compete in Eurovision again!

Austrian singer Salena expressed her interest in competing in the Eurovision Song Contest again during an interview on “The Euro Trip” Podcast. Salena, along with Teya, represented Austria at Eurovision 2023 with the song “Who the hell is Edgar?” finishing 15th in the grand final.

More specifically, she stated:

“I want to do it again, definitely as an artist”

She afterwards expressed keenness on collaborating with Teya on a future Eurovision entry:

“If you’re up to writing songs for Eurovision, you know where I am.”

Teya also discussed her future Eurovision ambitions.  She mentioned that she would be interested in taking on the composer position once more, even though she does not currently have any intentions to enter the competition as a solo artist:

“I definitely want to be around Eurovision forever. I want to go as a writer and help artists to get somewhere. I don’t think right now I’m going to do it as a solo artist – maybe in four or five years it’ll feel right to go again.”


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Source: The Euro Trip 


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