Croatia: Will Dora 2024 feature two semi-finals?

The head of the Croatian delegation, Tomislav Štengl, was a guest on HRT’s morning show, “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska”.

Štengl disclosed HRT’s plans for Eurovision 2024 just hours before the deadline for Dora 2024 submissions. In particular, he mentioned that about 110 songs had been submitted up to this point, and he is confident that this figure will rise to 200 by the time of the submission deadline that night, as interested artists typically submit their entries right before the deadline.

Furthermore, he said that the Croatian representative in Malmö ought to have a powerful message for the European audience in addition to a catchy song.

Semi-Finals for Dora 2024?

Additionally, Tomislav Štengl revealed that two Semi-Finals may be used in Dora 2024. The last time the Croatian national final featured semi-finals was back in 2011. Also, he is aiming for a total of twenty-four songs to compete to represent Croatia in Eurovision 2024.

Finally, he stated that they are in talks to renew Dora’s contract with Opatija, and that the Dora 2024 Grand Final will most likely take place on Saturday, February 24, where we will find out who will represent Croatia in Malmö.

At the beginning of December, all details regarding Dora 2024 will be revealed.

This year, Croatia was represented by Let 3 with the song “Mama ŠČ!“. The popular and controversial as well group brought Croatia back to the Grand Final after six years and finished 13th, the country’s best result in recent years.

Will Croatia manage to achieve an even better result this year? Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all news!

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