EBU’s statement on the Eurovision 2024 participating countries list!

It is yet unknown which countries will compete in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in May in Malmö, Sweden. This is in contrast with previous years, when the list of participating countries was released as early as October by the EBU.

There have been rumors circulating on which countries might or might not participate this year because of the delay. As a result, the EBU stated the following:

The list of public service media broadcasters who will take part next year is currently being finalized and will be published in its entirety once preparations are complete.

Thus, it can be inferred from this statement that the countries that will take part in Malmö have not yet been determined. After all, there have been instances in which the aforementioned list was released in January or December.

As of now 35 countries have confirmed their participation in Eurovision 2024, while four broadcasters -Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andorra, Monaco, and Slovakia- have announced that they will not return to the contest.

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Source: ESC Today

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