Italy: “Due Vite” is now a five times platinum record!

One of the biggest “winners” of this year’s Eurovision was undoubtedly Marco Mengoni. Following his win in Sanremo 2023 with “Due Vite“, he accepted the invitation and represented his home country for the second time in Liverpool, finishing fourth.

Having won such a prestigious for the Italian music scene festival, his song “Due Vite” has become a major success. As Mengoni posted himself yesterday on X, “Due Vite” is now a five times platinum record, having sold more than half a million copies since its release date.

The song remains also extremely popular on all streaming platforms. To this day, the official video of “Due Vite” counts 95 million views on Marco Mengoni’s official YouTube channel and over 86 million streams on Spotify.

His record had a warm reception in several European countries, such as Switzerland, where it was also platinum certificated. Moreover, a few months prior, Mengoni released a French version of “Due Vite“.

It looks like Marco Mengoni follows in the footsteps of his predecessors, as several recent Italian Eurovision artists, such as Mahmood, Diodato and Francesco Gabbani, went also platinum following their Sanremo win.

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