Junior Eurovision 2023: The first rehearsals of the 16 participating countries!

The 21st edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner. Artists from sixteen different countries have arrived in Nice, where they will have the opportunity to sing live in front of millions of audience.

Those “Heroes” have been preparing for months and they have just underwent their first technical rehearsals at the stage of Palais Nikaia, where the main event will take place. The First Rehearsals began yesterday and were concluded today.

As in the adult Eurovision, no journalists were allowed to watch the first rehearsals. Moreover, there were no rehearsal clips uploaded. Hence, there is no audiovisual material, except some photos uploaded on the official social media accounts of the competition. You can take a sneak peak of what all those young performers have prepared, below:

Albania – Viola Gjyzeli

Armenia – Yan Girls

Estonia – ARHANNA

Georgia – Anastasia and Ranina

Germany – Fia

France – Zoé Clauzure

Ireland – Jessica McKean

Italy – Melissa and Ranya

Malta – Yulan

Netherlands – Sep and Jasmijn

North Macedonia – Tamara Grujeska

Poland – Maja Krzyżewska

Portugal – Júlia Machado

Spain – Sandra Valero

Ukraine – Anastasia Dymyd

United Kingdom – STAND UNIQU3

The running order

After a draw was held, the running order of the 21st Junior Eurovision Song Contest was decided as following:

  1. Spain
  2. Malta
  3. Ukraine
  4. Ireland
  5. United Kingdom
  6. North Macedonia
  7. Estonia
  8. Armenia
  9. Poland
  10. Georgia
  11. Portugal
  12. France
  13. Albania
  14. Italy
  15. Germany
  16. The Netherlands

What’s next?

Following the second rehearsals of the sixteen participants, a snippet of each country’s performance will be uploaded on JuniorEurovisio.tv and so will commence marks the first phase of the Online Voting, which will determine 50 percent of the total outcome. The online voting platform will close just before the show starts on Sunday and will re-open for a while after all the performances. For more information on how to vote, check this out:


Junior Eurovision 2023 will take place at Palais Nikaia, in the city of Nice, France, next Sunday 26 November. The contest will be hosted by France for the second time after Lissandro won the 2022 contest in Armenia with his song “Oh maman!”.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments regarding the 21st edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

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