Luxembourg: Aiming for victory in its Eurovision comeback!

Luxembourg‘s return to the Eurovision Song Contest comes with particularly high ambitions. The Western European Grand Duchy, with five wins to its name and its exit after 1993, returns to Eurovision aiming to repeat the achievements of the past.

This will was expressed in a statement by the General Coordinator of the Eurovision project on behalf of RTL, Dave Gloesener. The man in charge of Luxembourg’s return to the Eurovision Song Contest made remarks to a journalist from public broadcaster RTL in the context of the auditions that took place in the past few days.

Eurovision’s importance for Luxembourg

Luxembourg is returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024 after 30 years. As such, the Duchy’s public broadcaster decision-makers have the difficult task ahead of them of finding the delegate and the song that will represent Luxembourg in Malmö.

Thus, last week the live auditions for the selection of Luxembourg’s representative at Eurovision 2024 took place. These auditions will serve to select the finalists for the national final from which the artist representing the Duchy in the 68th edition of our favourite competition will emerge.

Source: RTL/Steve Muller

The Luxembourg organisational team consists of Dave Gloesener, RTL’s Eurovision coordinator, and Eric Lehmann, who is both head of the Luxembourg delegation and in charge of the candidates’ section. Speaking during a break in the auditions, Dave Gloesener spoke in detail about the importance for him and his team of Luxembourg’s return to the biggest television extravaganza on the Old Continent.

We wanted to take the whole country with us on this journey. It’s not easy to choose the candidates for the final. There were a lot of talented singers.

In any case, it was a given for us to have the audience with us during the final, so that the whole country could embark on this journey back to Eurovision. We want to ensure that the best candidate will represent the Grand Duchy on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Apart from the importance for Dave Gloesener and RTL of Luxembourg’s return to Eurovision, he did not hesitate to set the bar high, even aiming for victory, talking about the possibility of organizing the contest:

We want to give our best, we are not there just to be there.

We would be extremely happy if we won. We would have a big party in Luxembourg to celebrate. And the next day we would start planning the next competition. So we would have a year to organise the biggest TV show in Europe.

It remains to be seen whether Gloesener’s statements will come true and Luxembourg will manage to achieve their coveted sixth victory, either in 2024 in Malmö or later. In any case, with the organizing team’s statement that Luxembourg “is not there just to be there”, one can easily imagine the anticipation building as the finalists are announced in early December.

The Duchy’s national final will take place on 27 January and will give the people of Luxembourg the chance to choose the song and artist who will represent them at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in May in Malmö, 31 years after their last appearance in 1993.

Will Luxembourg continue its successful run at Eurovision?Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

Source: RTL

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