Luxembourg: Auditions completed with undiminished interest!

Luxembourg is returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024 after 30 years. As such, the Duchy’s public broadcaster decision-makers have the difficult task ahead of them of finding the delegate and the song that will represent Luxembourg in Malmö.

Thus, from, Wednesday 22 November onwards, the live auditions for the selection of Luxembourg’s representative at Eurovision 2024 started. These auditions will serve to select the finalists for the national final from which the artist representing the Duchy at the 68th edition of our favourite competition will emerge.


RTL‘s decision makers and the international panel that will decide the finalists of the national final to select Luxembourg’s representative in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest are in a “fever”. With 50 artists having passed the pre-selection stage, the jury’s task is certainly demanding and particularly crucial, with excitement in the Duchy running high.

As a reminder, the panel of five Eurovision experts in charge of selecting the finalists for the Luxembourg national final is made up of the following:

Christer Björkmann, who is a Swedish producer and TV presenter as well as a former Eurovision participant (Sweden 1992). Björkmann has also served as Head of Delegation for Sweden, has produced the Contest in 2013 and 2015, where it was hosted in Sweden, as well as the only American Song Contest to date in 2022.

Jan Bors, who has served as Head of Delegation for the Czech Republic.

Cesár Sampson, who has represented Austria at Eurovision in 2018, taking first place in the jury vote. Sampson will also play an active role in the Czech national selection this year, as artistic director and presenter of the national final.

Alex Panayi, who is considered a Eurovision expert. Panagi has represented Cyprus at Eurovision twice, in 1995 and 2000. In recent years, he has acted as Vocal Coach for many Eurovision entries and was also the vocal coach for Helena Paparizou in 2005.

Tali Eshkoli, who is an Israeli television producer. Eshkoli was a producer for Eurovision 2019, has also worked on the Miss Universe 2021 contest held in Israel and has been a jury member for national selections of various countries over the years.

Source: RTL/Steve Muller


Auditions kicked off earlier than usual on Friday morning as Luxembourg’s Eurovision hopefuls took to the stage for the third day running.

Tali, 22, appeared shortly after 10am, confronted with the dual challenges of being the first act on stage and combating jet lag after a flight back from New York. Although singing so early is difficult in itself, without sufficient time to warm up, she was not the only singer to struggle with the early start.  Luxembourgish-Icelandic singer Thorunn said she felt nervous before her performance, despite extensive experience on stage, but the performance went well: “As soon as I’m on stage, it goes away. There are always so many thoughts running through my head when I’m performing.” When asked what she expected from the ESC performance, she added: “I go with the flow. This opportunity came up, so of course I’m happy to take part.”

Jonathan Reichling, one of Friday’s first male acts on stage, brings 10 years of music experience with him, and two songs with which he hoped to impress the ESC jury. A few days ago, he says he was offered a third song, but turned it down. “It was too short notice, I couldn’t do it. But it was such a great song, perfect for the ESC, there just wasn’t enough time to add it, and I didn’t want to do a half-hearted job.” However, he says he had to be convinced to participate in auditions in the first place. “I know a lot of other acts and I wanted to leave it to them.”

Source: RTL/Steve Muller

Another familiar face to RTL Today readers is Josh Island, fresh from his first album release and a European tour this autumn. “I’m glad the ESC is finally back. I’ve always asked myself why Luxembourg wasn’t part of it. I feel it’s a love-hate kind of thing,” the singer told RTL after his audition on Friday. He said he observed a more distinct closeness within the national and international music community immediately after it was announced that Luxembourg would be returning to the Contest. “The hype abroad is just enormous and I feel honoured to be a part of it.”

One of the youngest candidates to audition is 19-year-old Melvyn Schartz, a student at the Lycée Aline Mayrisch, accompanied by his bandmates with an average age of just 16. Despite the reinforcements, nerves were running high on Friday. “I really felt unwell before the audition, but then it was fine. You can’t help but focus on any mistakes, I feel I could have done better but I’m still satisfied.” This was the school band’s first performance outside of a school environment, and they are hoping it is just the beginning. Melvyn added he was not returning to school after the audition, and his teachers and classmates were all aware of his attempt.

The last audition before the break was a performance by Emilie. This appearance had a more personal resonance for the singer – the last time she appeared on stage before a jury was for the French edition of “The Voice”, back in 2015. The experience was marred by the Paris bombing attacks, and Emilie did not progress to the next stage. Now, after much cajoling from her friends, she is attempting to make a fresh start for the ESC. The act of participation alone is a huge positive, she says, no matter how far she goes.

So, after three days of auditions, the list of candidates who will compete in the national final of Luxembourg will be announced in the next few days. The Duchy’s national final will take place on 27 January and will give the people of Luxembourg the chance to choose the song and artist who will represent them at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö in May, 31 years after their last performance in 1993.

Will Luxembourg continue its successful run at Eurovision?Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

Source: RTL

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