OGAE SONG CONTEST 2023: The UK is the Winner!

The OGAE Song Contest is being held since 1986 and is considered as one of the most successful contests related to Eurovision.

Each year, OGAE clubs can submit songs which have not been presented at the Eurovision Song Contest, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest or at a participating country’s national final.

After Australia’s victory at the OGAE Song Contest in 2021 with “Fly Away” by Tones and I, it was expected that the country would host the Contest in 2022, however, given the circumstances regarding Ukraine and Russia, the Contest was eventually cancelled. This is why Australia was chosen to host this year’s Contest.

The voting process began in the 9th of September and ended in the 21st of October, while the winner was revealed yesterday, November 25th.


The participants

The participants of the OGAE Song Contest 2023 were the following:


The Results

The results of the OGAE Song Contest 2023 are seen below:

OGAE United Kingdom took the first place with the song “As It Was” sung by Harry Styles. The second place was occupied by OGAE Australia with “Padam Padam” by Kylie Minogue, while OGAE Italy, OGAE Sweden and OGAE Andorra filled the remaining spots respectively in the Top 5.


Enjoy the Winner of the OGAE Song Contest 2023 below:


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  1. Ace Frehmen
    Ace Frehmen says:

    Dissappointing Result, there were a couple of interesting sounds, but not alot there for me.
    New Zealand should have won, UK, last.


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