Serbia: Former participant reports PZE as rigged!

Angellina, who participated in both editions of Pesma Za Evroviziju in 2022 and 2023, yesterday challenged the objectivity and impartiality of the Serbian national final.

The young singer while answering questions on her personal Instagram account also mentioned her participation in PZE:

The question was as follows

“Are you ever again participating in PZE?”

With her answering

“Never again, nor in any other rigged competition!
I never really needed it, I did it somewhat naively and only out of immense love for my country… However, I believe there are many better ways to make your country proud..”

Instagram // @angellinaofficial

Another relevant question that was answered was the following:

“What do you think about your last song on PZE?”

“It was very interesting. But too much for that moment. My mistake is that I did it out of spite and not out of love.
I had way better songs, but that’s how I felt at the time.”

Instagram // @angellinaofficial

Angellina came 4th in the 2022 national final with “Origami”, while in 2023 she failed to qualify for Saturday’s final, finishing 12th in the semi-final with “Lanac”.

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