Will Poli Genova represent Bulgaria in Eurovision 2024?

The complete lineup of countries taking part in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest, which is scheduled to take place in Malmö, Sweden in May, has not yet been released. But in the preceding days, the head of the French delegation and the official X account of the Bulgarian delegation both indicated that 41 countries, as opposed to last year’s 37, will participate in this year’s competition. The question of whether Bulgaria will compete in Eurovision again in 2024 has been raised as a result of this.

Poli Genova stated she would like to compete again if given the opportunity, in an interview with Wiwibloggs:

The moment I have the green light I’m going to do it.

Poli Genova represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2011, failing to qualify for the final, and returned five years later, in 2016, finishing fourth. Additionally, in 2015, she presented Junior Eurovision in Sofia.

Would you like to see Poli Genova returning to the competition?

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Source: Wiwibloggs 

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