Albania: Besa Kokëdhima will represent the country in Eurovision 2024 with the song “Zemrën n’dorë”!

The great Albanian music festival, Festivali i Këngës 62 was just finished and the public has chosen Besa Kokëdhima, and the song “Zemrën n’dorë” to represent the country in Eurovision Song Contest 2024!

For yet another year, the Albanian broadcaster, RTSH, decided to select its entry for Eurovision through Festivali i Këngës. The Grand Final took place at Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana, with Adriana Matoshi, Kledi Kadiu, Xhuliano Dule and Krisa Çaushi being the hosts of the four nights. The 31 artists who managed to reach the final gave their best, to claim the vote of the TV audience and the victory that would give them the ticket to Malmo in May.

The 31 finalists for Eurovision were:

  1. Stivi Ushe  –  “Askush si ty”
  2. Besa Kokëdhima  –  “Zemrën n’dorë”
  3. Mal Retkoceri  –  “Çmendur ”
  4. Eldis Arrnjeti  –  “A memory”
  5. Shpat Deda  –  “S’mund t’fitoj pa ty”
  6. Jehona Ponari  –  “Evol”
  7. Peter Pan Quartet  –  “Edhe nje here”
  8. Festina Mejzini  –  “Melos”
  9. Kastro Zizo  –  “2073”
  10. Luan Durmishi  –  “Përsëritja”
  11. Melodajn Mancaku  –  “Nuk jemi ne”
  12. Olsi Ballta  –  “Unh”
  13. Andi Tanko  –  “Here pas here”
  14. Sergio Hajdini  –  “Uragan”
  15. Santino De Bartolo  –  “Dua tê rri me ty”
  16. Olimpia Smajlaj  –  “Asaj”
  17. Big Basta and Vesa Luma  –  “Mbinatyrale”
  18. Elsa Lila  –  “Mars ”
  19. Jasmina Hako  –  “Ti”
  20. Michela Paluca  – “For yourself” 
  21. Anduel Kovaci  –  “Nan’”
  22. Irma Lepuri  –  “Me prit”
  23. Eden Baja  –  “ Ajër ”
  24. Erina and the Elementals  –  “Jetën n’skaj”
  25. Kleansa Susaj  –  “Pikturë”
  26. Arsi Bako  –  “ Zgjohu ”
  27. Tiri Gjoci  –  “ Në dream”
  28. Besa Krasniqi  –  “ Esenciale ”
  29. Bledi Kaso  –  “Çdo thing mbaroi”
  30. Troy Band  –  “Horizonti i dreamave”
  31. Martina Serreqi  –  “ Only you”
On the other hand, only the 22 artists decided by the jury claimed the six prizes of the Festival:
  1. Kastro Zizo  –  “2073”
  2. Mal Retkoceri  –  “Çmendur ”
  3. Erina and the Elementals  –  “Jetën n’skaj”
  4. Melodajn Mancaku  –  “Nuk jemi ne”
  5. Tiri Gjoci  –  “Në döner”
  6. Kleansa Susaj  –  “Pikturë”
  7. Irma Lepuri  –  “Me prit”
  8. Festina Mejzini  –  “Melos”
  9. Eldis Arrnjeti  – “A memory” 
  10. Martina Serreqi  –  “Vetëm ty”
  11. Besa Krasniqi  –  “Esenciale”
  12. Sergio Hajdini  –  “Uragan”
  13. Olimpia Smajlaj  – “Asaj” 
  14. Anduel Kovaci  –  “Nan’”
  15. Michela Paluca  – “For yourself” 
  16. Peter Pan Quartet  –  “Edhe nje here”
  17. Besa Kokëdhima  –  “Zemrën n’dorë”
  18. Arsi Bako  – “Zgjohu” 
  19. Elsa Lila  –  “Mars ”
  20. Andi Tanko  – “Here pas here” 
  21. Shpat Deda  –  “S’mund t’fitoj pa ty”
  22. Big Basta and Vesa Luma  –  “Mbinatyrale”


Tonight on the last night of the Festival the first 3 prizes were awarded: first place, second place and third place. An award for young artists and alternative groups and a career award, were also awarded by the professional jury.

The jury consisted of:

  • Aleksandër Gjoka
  • Indrit Mesiti
  • Adelina Ismajli
  • Fitnete Tuda
  • Elena Kadare
  • Natasha Lako
  • Anila Aliu
  • Shpëtim Kushta
  • Victor Van Vought
  • Zana Shuteriqi
  • Shkumbin Ahmetxheka

The young artists and alternative groups award, was given to Peter Pan Quartet with the song “Edhe nje here”.

The career award was given by the professional jury, to Martina Serreqi and her song “Vetëm ty”.

The 3rd place was awarded to Shpat Deda with the song  “S’mund t’fitoj pa ty”, the 2nd place to Tiri Gjoci with the song “Në döner” and the winner of Festivali i Këngës 62, was Mal Retkoceri, with the song “Çmendur“.

 After the Festivali i Këngës awards were completed by the professional jury, the presenter announced the artist that will represent Albania at Eurovision 2024 was Besa Kokëdhima with the song “Zemrën n’ hand”, which was chosen by the public vote.

With Festivali i Këngës, officially kicking off the National Final season, there is a great number of National Finals coming up in the next months!

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Albanian participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

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