Czechia: Aiko to be the Czech representative at Eurovision 2024 with “Pedestal”!

It’s Czechia’s turn to present the representative and song that won the national final and the country’s representation in Eurovision 2024 in Malmö. ČT, the public broadcaster of the country, selected seven artists who took part in the grand final of ESCZ 2024, last week. The hosts of the nationl final, were Adam Mišík, and also the Austrian representative of 2018, Cesár Sampson was the co-host.

The seven artists performed their songs live during the Czech national final, with voting opening during the evening. The final result was determined by 70% of the voting of the international public and 30% of the voting of the Czech public, a clear indication of the importance given by the Czech delegation to the preferences of foreign Eurofans who will also have the final say during the three nights in May in Sweden.

The official Eurovision YouTube channel announced a while ago that the Czech representative for 2024 will be Aiko with the song “Pedestal“! You can listen to the entry of Czechia at the video below:

Who is Aiko?

Aiko, currently based in Brighton (United Kingdom), is a visionary artist who delves into profound themes such as love, solitude, and self-understanding, using her music as a medium for introspection and connection.

Aiko’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Her sophomore album, Fortune’s Child is a testament to her growth as an artist and the depth of her musical prowess.

Breaking barriers and making history, Aiko proudly stands as the first Czech artist to grace the iconic Times Square. Moreover, she has earned the distinction of being the first Czech female artist to contribute to the global Spotify Equal Campaign, emphasising her commitment to inclusivity and equality within the music industry.

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