Germany: Will Church rejected from Das Deutsche Finale 2024!

Will Church seemed to be among the 32 entries still in the run for a place in the German national final, Das Deutsche Finale 2024, and it now seems that his song has been rejected.

He made an announcement on his social media with a video. He further explains how the selection process works and gives some reasons why he may have been rejected this year.

Apparently, a jury of 20 people has now decided on the songs that, together with the wildcard, will participate in Das Deutsche Finale 2024 on February 16 in Berlin.

Will Church, who won the jury vote in last year’s national final and ended up second behind Lord of the Lost, will not make an appearance in this year’s final. As he states in one of his videos, NDR contacted him on December 19 and informed him of the above.

“That makes me a little sad. And I’m a little disappointed too.”

He says he is disappointed since he has been working for Eurovision 2024 all year long, and thus, he had submitted several different songs. He therefore claims that NDR did not choose the best song for Eurovision, but rather one with a catchier tune, which was evaluated by the jury and rejected.

NDR thanked him for submitting his music, and they said they hope he will try again in the future. The channel told the artist that the reason for his rejection was not because he took part in last year’s national final.

Church thinks his rejection is a shame overall because he has the impression that there aren’t that many acts in Germany that people can agree on.

“And I had the feeling that I was one of those people. You always take a decision like that personally because it’s not about the song, it’s about you, and it makes you have doubts about yourself.”

Seeing the news, he said that he is curious about the way NDR makes decisions, since he submitted “Hold On” with exactly the same video in 2022 and it was rejected, while the following year he came second in the national final. Regarding the rejection in 2022 he said:

“If you look at it again, the preliminary decision back then, was an absolute impudence. That’s why I didn’t actually want to apply for 2023 in the first place.”

Will Church’s public statement however, comes at the same time with a post by Samuel Rösch with the hastag, #Eurovision. Apparently, unlike Church, he will be in Das Deutsche Finale 2024.

The winners of  last year’s national final were Lord of the Lost, with the song “Blood and Glitter” who ended up in last place of the Grand Final with 18 points:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the German participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!


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