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Greece: Marina Satti has not listened to all the song submissions yet!

Marina Satti, the Greek representative for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, discussed her participation in the competition earlier today on the ANT1 show “To Proino”.

She stated in the interview that she hasn’t listened to all the songs that have been submitted to ERT before discussing her choice to take part in the competition this year.

She stated the following when the journalist asked her about the songs that were submitted:

I have listened some songs but not all of them.

We haven’t made a decision yet, but we’ve received songs in a variety of styles.

The composer of Loreen’s two entries has sent in his proposal, as far as I know.

Eurovision is a musical celebration. Our aim is to find the best song.

Why did you decide to represent Greece at Eurovision?

Why not? This is what we do. We compose music. We sing, dance, travel and take part in festivals.

Did you respond right away when the proposal was made to you, or did you need some time to consider it?

I held off on saying yes at first. In past years, there had been conversations about Eurovision. I knew it would happen one day.

At the beginning, as in the previous times, I said “next year”.

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