Israel: Everything that happened in the third HaKokhav Haba episode!

The third episode of HaKokhav Haba (special edition), the talent show through which the Israeli representative for Eurovision 2024 will be selected, aired on Sunday, December 3rd!

Four more artists qualified for the next round of HaKokhav Haba and are still vying for the Israeli representation in Malmö. The broadcaster determined they could broadcast the third episode of the show just one day after the second one, without making any statements beforehand.

Out of the five auditions in the third episode, four qualified for the next round. Assi Azar and Rotem Sela, who have been hosting HaKokhav Haba since 2014, are the show’s presenters. The jury is made up of Eden Hasson, Shiri Maimon, Itay Levy, Assaf Amdorsky, Ran Dankar, and Keren Pels.

Shaoli Grinlik

Currently fighting Hamas in Gaza, 25-year-old Shaoli is a member of the Israeli military forces. His performance was well-received by most of the judges, as well as by the majority of the studio audience. He advanced to the next round of the competition with 83%.

Michelle Shimonov

Michelle, who is 26 years old, currently works as a waitress, although she aspires to be an actress and singer. The judges all voted for her and gave her favorable feedback on the tone of her voice. She advanced to the next round after receiving 88% of the vote.

Ido Bartel

Ido Bartel is 39 years old. She has acted in numerous TV shows in Israel. In addition to being a businessman, tens of thousands of followers on Instagram watch him regularly showcasing his singing prowess. Among his greatest interests are musical mashups. Despite not receiving a unanimous vote from the judges, Ido advanced to the next round with 80% of the vote.

Adele Seltzer

Adele, a 19-year-old resident of southern Israel, relocated to Tel Aviv due to the ongoing conflict. Her performance was considered by the judges to be among the best thus far this season. Many told her they could totally picture her performing on the Eurovision stage. Adele advanced to the next round with an 87%.

In the upcoming episode—the airdate of which is still unknown— additional auditions will be broadcasted. Israel qualified for the finals every year from 2015 to 2020 through HaKokhav HaBa, and Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 with the song “Toy”.

Israel was represented this year by Noa Kirel and the song “Unicorn”, which came in third place with 362 points overall.

Stay tuned on EurovisionFun to stay up to date on all the latest news about the world’s largest music competition!





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