Netherlands: AVROTROS responds to the Ukrainian complaints about Joost Klein!

The Dutch public broadcaster AVROTROS has responded to the information that emerged from the Ukrainian public broadcaster yesterday regarding the connection between Russia and the artist selected to represent the Netherlands in Eurovision 2024.

Is Joost Klein pro-Russian?

According to an article published on the official website of Ukrainian public television, Joost Klein‘s discography includes a song that embodies his love for Russia. The song in question is named “Jackass”, and it was published on March 11, 2022, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It was recorded in cooperation with Russian musician CMH. The lyrics are seen as contentious as well. For instance, there is controversy over the lines listed below:

Hi, my name is Joost Klein

I love Russia man,

I really wanna marry a Russian woman

I want a Russian lady

I want some Russian babies


Apart from his collaboration with CMH, Joost Klein has also worked with Russian Village Boys, a rave group based in St. Petersburg, on a track that was released in February 2023.

Furthermore, while the Russo-Ukrainian War was still going on in July 2022, Joost Klein performed live in St. Petersburg.

AVROTROS’ response

According to an AVTROTROS spokesperson who responded through De Telegraaf, Joost Klein has never made any political remarks that support Russia.

Joost never used his music to express political views.

The Russian Village Boys have actually stated their opposition to the war, as numerous X users have brought to light. Their Instagram post indicates that they departed Russia shortly after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

A few days earlier Joost Klein was announced by AVROTROS as the representative of the Netherlands in Eurovision 2024. More details about his participation will be announced in the coming months.

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