Norway: Alessandra Mele takes issue on Israel’s participation in the Contest!

Alessandra Mele,2023’s Norwegian entrant,who managed to bring the country back in the top 5 after 10 years with her song “Queen of Kings” has voiced her opinion regarding Israel’s participation in the upcoming contest,which is a question that stirs enormous controversy:

“I won’t say much about it because, politically, I can’t say much. But what I find beautiful about Eurovision is that it unites people through music, and I think we should try to continue with that.Also, I hope the world realizes that love is stronger than hate.”

The public broadcaster NRK remains neutral in regards with Israel’s participation in the forthcoming contest in Sweden,as Charlo Halvorsen, Entertainment Director at NRK stated in an email to  Se og Hør:

“It is natural that questions about participation in the Eurovision Song Contest for a country at war arise. We have not yet taken a position on this matter but are following what the EBU decides”.

Israel’s participation in the 2024 contest is still a topic that sows discord among the audiences of the contest,a situation which is highly reminiscent of Russia’s participation in the 2022 edition,right after the country’s invasion in Ukraine.Nevertheless,according to the list of the participating countries published by the EBU,the Middle-Eastern country seems to be included in it,adding fuel to the fire to an already ardent issue.

Norway was represented by Alessandra and her song “Queen of the Kings” in this year’s contest in Liverpool,which won her the 3rd place in the public vote and the 5th overall.

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