Poland: Major changes in TVP after national elections!

On Sunday, October 15, 2023 , the national parliamentary elections of Poland took place, with Donald Tusk winning and becoming the Prime Minister of the country.

One of the many reforms he already made, was, of course, the replacement of the director of TVP, by Tomasz Sygut, who in turn made radical changes within the council of the public television.

Some of the TVP employees:

  • Aneta Woźniak has been the Program Manager since November 2022 with many years of experience in television
  • Marcin Skabara , was Woźniak’s deputy , and is responsible for the program’s marketing and strategy
  • Piotr Kierzkowski has been the director and editor-in-chief of TVP 3 since August 2023, and has also been an assistant to the former president of TVP . He has been working for public television since 2021
  • Wojciech Kowalczyk has been a member of TVP’s advertising office since 2016
  • Przemysław Herburt has been the head of the corporate affairs office since October 2022, and recently, following the decision of the former president, he also became the company’s representative
  • Finally, Agnieszka Marciniak has been the director of the human capital management office since February 2023, while she is also the director of TVP’s administrative office

All the above mentioned people, as well as several TVP employees, were fired from the company, by decision of the Tusk government, accused of propaganda in favor of the “Law and Justice” party that lost the lastest elections.

The news channel, TVP Info, has already stopped broadcasting, while at the same time, the station’s official website has been closed .

In this way, the new, pro-European government of the country decided to restore the “legitimacy and impartiality” of public television, which according to their words , had turned “into a propaganda tool” of the previous ruling party.

Earlier, the Polish Sejm passed a resolution on ” restoring the legal order, impartiality and integrity of the state media and the Polish Press Agency” . 244 voted in favor, 84 against and 16 abstained.

In the above document, the Seym calls on all state bodies to take measures aimed at restoring the constitutional order in terms of citizens’ access to reliable information and the operation of state media.

Law and Justice party MPs , however, did not approve of this decision. Many of them, in particular party chairman Jarosław Kaczyński , found themselves at the TVP building and forced their way into the public television, to “defend democracy” as they said.

Despite what is currently happening in the country, the Prime Minister, Donald Tusk , says that the “end of bad times” has arrived , both for Public Television and for Poland itself!

To refer to Eurovision, do you think that all these reforms will in some way affect Poland’s participation in the Contest?

Source: press.pl

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