Bambie Thug: I am the wildcard Ireland needs! | Interview

Bambie Thug from Ireland gave an interview to Eurovisionfun’s Paschalis. They introduced themselves to us, gave us some hints about the performance in Eurosong 2024 and told us about the message of the song.

About Bambie Thug and their music style

I like to fuse a lot of styles into one. I don’t like to put me in a box. I’m a singer, actor and dancer.

I’m a goth obviously, I love to wear black all the time. I also love theatre. I studied musical theatre in London. I love to create characters and different worlds. I love to play in all aspects of the world.

Why did they decide to participate in Eurosong 2024

We’re tied with Sweden for the wins. It’s been a long time since Ireland has been in the competition and they need a shake. I’m probably the wild card. It’s 50 years since ABBA won and I love them and I thought that I got to do it this year. My friends encouraged me to enter. Hopefully my country vote me in, it will be the right choice!

What is the song about?

I don’t write any music with anything in mind. I just write music. Doomsday Blue is about having your potential overlooked in releationships, in life, in career. It’s about being taken for granted, but also knowing your worth. It highlights perfectly all the facets of me musically from rock to screamy pop to jazz to electro metal. It’s a really fun song. It’s a task really to perform too. It’s not an easy task to sing it, it’s a challenge for me and I love challenges. I believe in a song, I don’t think there is a song that sounds like that anywhere else, so that’s why I decided to enter with it.

How has the experience with Eurosong been so far?

That’s great. It’s nice to talk to so many people and see how well it’s being received. I’m really grateful to be able to show my art to my country. My career is mostly in the UK. Ireland didn’t have a clue and that’s really special to me, being accepted by so many people in my own soil.

What can we expect to see on stage?

You can expect gorgeous costumes and an infectious performance.

Are they a Eurovision fan?

I’ve been watching Eurovision with friends in the UK. My friend Luke Black was there last year and it was cool to see him representing Serbia. There’s always something that I love, a song, the costumes, the spectacle.

Who’s their favorite Eurovision entries?

Conchita Wurst and obviously my friend Luke and Cha Cha Cha.

Would they collaborate with any Eurovision artists?

I would love to collaborate with ABBA!

Bambie Thug’s message to our fans

Please continue to support your little goth gremlin goblin witch in this journey and thank you for all your love. I’m willing to give you something really special! Love and witchcraft!

We thank Bambie Thug for this interview and wish them best of luck in this year’s Eurosong!

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