Germany: Grossstadtgeflüster never applied for Das deutsche Finale 2024!

The speculated fan favorite Grossstadtgeflüster will not take part in the German preliminary round Das deutsche Finale 2024 for the selection of the German representative at Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. The reason for this is quite simple: the band hadn’t even applied to NDR for it. The group made this clear today in a statement on social media.

It all fit! The title of the song “Ich kündige” is concise, unique and catchy. It was released after 1 September 2023 and could have simply been limited to the usual three minutes which is a requirement for a Eurovision Song Contest entry. And the song had already triggered a hype in the Eurovision bubble and on TikTok in advance. Nevertheless, Grossstadtgeflüster will not take part in the German Eurovision preliminaries in 2024 and thus will not get a chance to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmö, Sweden.

You can listen to their song “Ich kündige” at the video down below:

Specifically, the band responded to the rumours with a statement on an Instagram post, which can be seen below:

“Because of the many people asking us if we would participate in the ESC:

Certainly, it would have been an honor for us to secure the last place for Germany.

However, we didn’t apply because we’re pretty terrible at meeting deadlines, and on top of that, we tend to develop a mysterious skin irritation whenever we walk too close to a German flag.”

As early as October 12, there have been reports about a possible application of Grossstadtgeflüster with “Ich kündige” on ESCKompakt, noting that the band had not confirmed that they were involved in the application process.

Lots of hype had been developed around the song “Ich kündige” and its video. A Tiktok with the song had reached almost 3 million views within two days. A hint from the X fan account Songfestival Azerbaijan did the rest to spark the hopes in the Eurovision bubble.

So now, two days before the official announcement of the actual participants in the Eurovision preliminary decision Das deutsche Finale 2024, comes the clarifying cancellation. With this, the band is probably doing NDR a favor, because the possible disappointment of the fans about the non-participation of Grossstadtgeflüster should have evaporated by then.


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