Iceland: The decision about the country’s Eurovision 2024 participation will be made by RUV

Iceland‘s public broadcaster RUV provided clarification in an official statement regarding some of the earlier reports about the country’s participation in Eurovision 2024. According to announcements made on RUV’s website, the winning artist at Söngvakeppnin is not the only one who will have the last say over whether or not Iceland will compete in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest.

Iceland’s participation is still uncertain

The Söngvakeppnin finalists do not receive authority over the ultimate decision, RUV retains that authority. However, it is noted that they are unable to force someone to take part in the competition against their will.

Since many things may occur on the Gaza front, which naturally influences the decisions made by Icelandic public television, no decision has been made as of now.

It is very evident that RÚV, not the contestants, determines whether Iceland will compete in Eurovision. Naturally, the perspectives of the artists that will win the competition will be heard.

Furthermore, we don’t want to burn any bridges by, say, deciding to withdraw from Eurovision right away if things drastically shift in the middle of February or March, or something similar.

Icelandic reactions to Israel’s participation are intense

The backlash in Iceland has increased after the EBU announced last week that Israel’s public television satisfies all eligibility conditions to compete in the forthcoming competition.

The Composers’ and Creators’ Union, as well as regular Icelanders, are requesting that RUV exert pressure on the EBU to pull Israel out of the competition.

About 76 percent of respondents to an online poll by Prósent in December 2024 suggested that Israel should withdraw from Eurovision 2024, and about 60 percent argued that Iceland should not compete if Israel does.

No reaction from the rest of the Nordic countries

Should it ultimately be decided to pull out of the competition, RUV does not anticipate its decision will influence the decisions made by the other Nordic countries.

Based on the information I have, it appears that there is only conversation about Israel in Norway and to a lesser extent in Finland. For example, there is no indication of this in Denmark or Sweden. I have frequent contact with my colleagues in the Nordic region.

Voices in favor of Palestine won’t be silenced

RUV makes it abundantly evident that, as was the case with Hatari in 2019, the winner of Söngvakeppnin 2024 will not be prohibited from voicing his opinions on the matter of Palestine.

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Source: RUV 

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