Ireland: “Doomsday Blue” is a potential Eurovision winner according to Johnny Logan!

This Friday all eyes were on Ireland, which selected its Eurovision entry for 2024. On a special edition of “The Late Late Show” and following the combination of the votes from an international and a national jury along with the public vote, Bambie Thug was declared the winner and therefore the Irish representative in Malmö.

Although Ireland was a true Eurovision powerhouse in the past, dominated the 90’s with three consecutive wins and now shares the record for the most victories in the contest along with Sweden, nowadays it really seems to struggle when it comes to qualifying to the Grand Final. The risky choice of Bambie Thug and their song “Doomsday Blue” appears to be nicely welcomed by the Eurovision fandom, setting the bar high for a qualification and a potential return in the top ten for the first time since 2011.

Moreover, “Doomsday Blue” is praised inside Ireland too, with the two-times Eurovision winner Johnny Logan even predicting that:

They could win the Eurovision with this song.

On an interview he gave to Sunday World, Johnny Logan praises this year’s Irish entry, mentioning that:

I think it’s a very good choice and it will definitely get attention. What I saw last night is that it was eye-catching and different. The people who were watching obviously related to it and that’s why it was chosen.

The thing about Bambie Thug is that it works…it’s a very visual thing the way they presented themselves. It’s different enough to be eye-catching.

He also adds that:

If it doesn’t end up doing really well at Eurovision I will be quite surprised. I’ve always hoped that the Irish songs would do well over the last few years, but I never really felt that they would. This one I think has a really good chance. It just depends on the make up of the jury and the other songs that are in the contest.

According to Johnny Logan, the secret of Bambie Thug’s potential success is that they do not fall into the trap of trying to copy last edition’s winning song. Instead, they reserve their authenticity and originality and they remind nothing of Loreen.

I wish Bambie the very, very best at Eurovision and I would say to them to enjoy the experience.

Hence, the originality of Bambie Thug’s act is the key to success according to Johnny Logan. We can all agree that Logan’s opinion matters as all of his Eurovision involvements were successful, has won the contest twice as a singer and once as a composer for Linda Martin in 1992.

Bambie Thug will represent Ireland at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Malmö, Sweden. The semi-final in which Ireland will be allocated this year will be made public this Tuesday.

You can check out the interview Bambie Thug exclusively gave to EurovisionFun prior to her win in the national selection:

You can also take a look on EurovisionFun’s team reaction video to “Doomsday Blue“, below:

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

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