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Israel: Everything that happened in the eighteenth HaKokhav Haba episode! | Seven artists are still in the race!

The eighteenth episode of HaKokhav Haba (special edition), the talent show through which Israel‘s representative for Eurovision 2024 will be selected, aired on Monday, January 22

Out of the 35 artists who made it beyond the audition stage, 14 advanced to the battle phase, where they compete to represent their country in Eurovision 2024

In episode eighteen, four battles aired and seven more artists went through to the next round. Assi Azar and Rotem Sela, who have been hosting HaKokhav Haba since 2014, are the show’s presenters. The jury is made up of Eden Hasson, Shiri Maimon, Itay Levy, Assaf Amdorsky, Ran Dankar, and Keren Pels.

Therefore, eight competitors then gave performances in front of the judges and audience. Nevertheless, the jury ultimately selected one of the three performers with the lowest score to be eliminated.

Mika Moshe VS Dor Shimoni

Mika opened the show with Diana Golby’s song “Hey Tom,” which she had previously sung at her first audition for the television programme “Music School.” Mika, who is only 16 years old, has a beautiful, captivating voice and delivers a very mature performance. With a 97% score, all judges gave her a favourable vote.

On the other hand, Dor decided to play Shimon Buskila’s song “From the river to the sailors (Ya Mama)”. The song’s style fits Shimon’s age and although though it’s a “classic audition song”, it still manages to impress the majority of the judges, earning an 81% score.

Mika Moshe prevailed in the duel and moves on to the next round.

Leanne Byrne VS Oral Ravid

Leanne decided to perform the song “Out Here On My Own” and dedicate it to everyone who is missing a loved one. Her voice is really unique, and her vocals are spot on. With an 82%, Leanne was unable to persuade every judge.

Oral selected the song “Believe” by Idan Raichel, Pen Chazot, and Dolev Ram. He performs an Israeli tune again, as usual. Without a doubt, he has enormous potential to launch a successful career in Israel. He was given another chance to perform, but this time the judges weren’t convinced, and he only received a 59%.

After winning the duel, Leanne Byrne moves on to the next round.

Eden Golan VS Shay Tamino

Eden sang a rendition of Jessie J’s song “Masterpiece.” She is undoubtedly one of the musicians that offers a fresh and captivating sound in each episode. This girl can definitely do extremely well at Eurovision, even though her previous performances have been better. Eden received 83% of the vote, with all judges voting in favour except one.

Shay Tamino decided to perform Demi Lovato’s song “Warrior.” The song’s inspiration stems from Shay’s decision to withhold certain memories from her early life. With only two judges voting against Shay, she received a final score of 73%.

After winning the duel, Eden Golan moves on to the next round.

Or Cohen VS Arik Sinai

Or Cohen closes the show. He is among the season’s most unexpected competitors, having been regarded as a certain qualifier and even a lock for the victory. With the support of every judge, he received 94% of the vote.

Arik decided to perform Shlomo Artzi’s song “Tagidi.” He has remained in the competition largely due to his “conversational” style. While the public was not delighted with Arik’s singing, the judges all voted in favour, and he received a score of 79%.

Or Cohen prevailed in the duel and moves on to the next round.

Oral Ravid was ultimately chosen by the judges to be eliminated from the show out of the four artists that were defeated in their dueling matches. There are currently just seven contestants left to represent Israel in Eurovision 2024.

The 7 artists still in the running to represent Israel in Eurovision 2024 are:

  1. Leanne Byrne
  2. Eden Golan
  3. Arik Sinai
  4. Shay Tamino
  5. Or Cohen
  6. Mika Moshe
  7. Dor Shimoni

Israel qualified for the finals every year from 2015 to 2020 through HaKokhav HaBa, and Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 with the song “Toy”.

Israel was represented last year by Noa Kirel and the song “Unicorn”, which came in third placewith 362 points overall.

Stay tuned on EurovisionFun to stay up to date on all the latest news about the world’s largest music competition!

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