Italy: The journalists’ ratings of the 30 Sanremo 2024 songs!

On Monday, January 15, media representatives heard the 30 Sanremo 2024 songs for the first time and then published their reviews. The betting odds have also been adjusted as a result of the reporters’ remarks, making it more probable than ever that a woman would win!

Journalists appear to believe that three female artists have the best songs in Sanremo 2024. The surprise comes from 72-year-old Loredana Berte, the sister of the legendary Mia Martini, who has received overwhelmingly excellent reviews—even 10s, the highest possible score—for her autobiographical rock song from nearly every journalist! Here’s the energetic song by Annalisa, who might finally win the Golden Lion in 2024 and represent Italy in the Eurovision contest. Third is the artist Angelina Mango. There are two former Eurostars in fourth and fifth place, Diodato and Mahmood, to complete the top 5.

As you can see, Annalisa is now the clear favorite to win after the changes to the betting odds. Goelier, who had dropped in the rankings earlier, is now in third place, while Alessandra Amoroso, who has received mixed reviews, is still in second place.


Naturally, because the journalists are listening to the studio versions of the songs, there could be a twist when we hear the songs on February 6, the opening night of the festival, when the songs are performed with a live orchestra.

At the end of the month, the lyrics of the songs will be made public.

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding San Remo 2024!


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